Awkward Co-Founder Discussions

Pre-Incorporation Discussions

Meeting 1 of 2

  • Change the world
  • Get Rich!
  • Both!
  • What do you want to achieve with the company?
  • Grow and sell? How much is enough?
  • Build a great company over the long haul? Is this your forever company?
  • What type of Company Culture will you build?
  • How do you value people?
  • What type of culture will your company be known for?
  • Capital in vs. Capital out
  • How much cash is each of you putting into the company?
  • Do you need to take cash out?
  • How long of a “runway” do you have of “personal runway until you need to go get a paycheck?
  • What’s your passion for the idea?
  • Who’s leaving their day job (or who doesn’t have a job?)
  • How passionate are you — do you want to stay when it’s tough (and you’re not getting paid?)
  • Do you share the same work ethic and how it manifests?
  • Do you work early or late — stay until it’s done
  • Are you more of a 9–5er?
  • How well do you talk about awkward topics?

Home Work

Meeting 2 of 2

  • What did you learn about each and yourself other from the last meeting?
  • Any surprises?
  • Everyone talks and listens?
  • Share the print out from the equity calculator
  • How close are you?
  • Who over/underestimate their contribution?
  • Why did the evaluate themselves that way? Listen
  • How will you be dividing up the responsibilities?
  • Are roles and deliverables clear? How about deadlines?
  • Who has put in what cash at this point?
  • Will you each bring it to pro-rata amount?
  • This will determine your basis at time of incorporation

Time to Incorporate

After Incorporation





M&A Advisor for Founders, 5X Founder, Investor, Board Member. Former SVP Programs & Product, UPGlobal (Startup Weekend).

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Dave Parker

Dave Parker

M&A Advisor for Founders, 5X Founder, Investor, Board Member. Former SVP Programs & Product, UPGlobal (Startup Weekend).

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